2020 Spring / Summer Woman Handbag Trends : Review and Tips

On the trail of fashion weeks, we examined the trends that will shape our bags in the Spring / Summer season of 2020. Discover the most trendy handbags from 2020 Spring and Summer. Micro mini bags had attracted the attention of the fashion industry last year.

Woman handbag trends and pictures for 2020 summer months

However note somewhere: A new it-bag will emerge in the new year. Before you think about what to wear for your new outfit, look at the bag trends reflected in the 2020 Spring / Summer fashion shows. As a result, bags are a fashion figure that carries everything women want to take with them every day. And besides being beautiful, this functionality is also important.

3 Amazing Handbag Trends: Woman Handbag Trends for 2020 Year

  • XL Rockings

The extra-large shoulder bags, which are a dramatic alternative with very small bags for carrying anything inside, manifested themselves in the fashion shows of the four big cities. Sies Marjan’s elaborate design from the ring to Jacquemus’s knotted commentary is a lucky season for women who carry a lot of goods when they are out.

  • Disco Dose

2020 Spring / Summer collections of the countless 70s we saw in the reference bags of course took its share. The trend reflected in the designs as silver glitter metallic bags is ideal for those who want to add a dose of disco air to their look.

  • Bamboo Handles

One of the most striking details in the collections of brands such as Prada, Miu Miu and Gucci was the bamboo bag handles included in the designs. Inspired by nature, bamboo, leather or satin, which is a dot shot for hot weather, is also impressive in terms of contrasting texture. When you visit vintage shops, you are sure to find interesting models that fit this train.

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