Makeup Trend File – 2020 Autumn – Winter Makeup Trends

Makeup Trends 2020 Autumn-Winter

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Makeup Trend File - 2020 Autumn - Winter Makeup Trends

Learn about 2020 autumn and winter makeup trends and make your mark with these amazing autumn makeup tips!

With the arrival of the new season, butterflies began to fly in our stomach! You ask why? Because the new season came with brand-new makeup trends. Ready-made fashion weeks are slowly starting to enter our agenda, we leave you alone with the latest makeup trends of 2020!


Trendy disco make-up trend with vibrant headlight colors : 2020 make-up trends

Disco make-up will burn the streets this year! Bright and vivid eye make-up is combined with vivid color lipsticks, this 80s breeze makeup trend, seems to revive all of us as we enter the cold season. If you want to try the disco make-up trend in eye makeup, you can use L’Oréal Paris’ Color Queen Single Headlights. Metallic purple color 27 Transcendent color and vivid pink tone 05 Ruler will make a perfect fit for this make-up trend!

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Red lip makeup trend for 2019 2020 Autumn Winter Season

The red lipstick trend will again be on the trends this year. If you want to apply this indispensable make-up trend, we have a liquid matte lipstick that will make you feel like your own lips. The 115 I Am Worth It color in the series is perfect for the red lip make-up trend!

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2020 Makeup trends: 60’s Inspired Big Bambi Eyes

In the make-up trends, we always liked the breeze of the 60s. This season, coming out of the 60s, great eye make-up will be extremely fashionable. So how do you get the big, bambi look? Of course, with mascara! In order to follow this make-up trend, we would like to announce with excitement that a new mascara will come soon from L’Oréal Paris! Don’t forget to follow us to be one of the first to discover this surprise mascara!

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  1. New trends … Something reminds me of the last century. With new cosmetics, it looks new. In any case, with or without new trends, a woman should look beautiful.

  2. without even trying. Last London Fashion Week alone gave us looks we re still in love with months later. House of Holland served disco-party vibes while Christopher Kane revived our love for the out-of-the-shower slicked-back, low ponytail. And how can we forget that romantic low chignon at Victoria Beckham ?

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